Justice and Reformation

Justice and Reformation was created in response to the unjust murder of Marcus-David Peters by a Richmond, Virginia police officer on May 14, 2018. Marcus-David Peters was a 24 year old Black son, brother, uncle, nephew, VCU Alumnus, and high school Biology Teacher who was murdered while he was unarmed, completely undressed, and experiencing a mental health crisis. Marcus deserved

Help Not Death.

Through Community Support, Unity, Actions And Demands, We (Activists, Organizers, And Community Members) Will Continue To Fight To Hold Our Elected And Appointed Officials Accountable To Putting Community Care And Safety First And Always; And Not Only Saying That Black Lives Matter, But Ensuring That Concrete Legislative Changes Are Made To Show That 

                  Black Liberation Matters.



Led by Princess Blanding and Jeffery Peters

> The Family of Marcus-David Peters

> Second Baptist Church, West End

> Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice, & Equality

Marcus-David Peters

Marcus-David Peters was one of twelve siblings. Marcus graduated with high honors from Middlesex High School, with a GPA greater than 4.0. Marcus also served as the senior class speaker. Marcus later graduated with high honors from Virginia Commonwealth University, earning his Bachelor's degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry, Psychology, and Spanish.


Marcus was a first year Biology teacher at Essex High School in Tappahannock, VA; who aspired to start a mentorship program for at-risk youth, as he believed that all students had the potential and ability to succeed in life with the proper supports and resources in place. No one would have ever imagined that after teaching a full day of biology, driving over an hour to his home in Henrico;that would be the last time that Marcus’ family, friends, co-workers, and students would see him.


After displaying atypical behaviors later on that day, a police encounter where the police officer identified that he was dealing with a person having a mental health crisis, ended with the Richmond police officer resorting to engaging Marcus, and using deadly force, prematurely ending the life of a human being who clearly needed Help Not Death. Marcus-David Peters taught himself how to play the piano, was fluent in Spanish, and enjoyed spending time with his family and friends.  Marcus had a personality and smile that made it impossible for people not to befriend him.